Our Success Stories 

Brain Injury Patient Regains Abilities

Timothy Love, age 44, had no significant past medical history. He presented to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital following a motorcycle accident. He was ultimately diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI), pneumonia, multiple fractures, ARDS and had right-sided weakness/paralysis.

Upon admission to Carolinas ContinueCARE Hospital at University, he presented with a tracheostomy, Foley catheter, and feeding tube. He was able to answer questions, but could only follow simple commands. He was unable to move his right side.

During his stay, Mr. Love continued to improve in mentation. His awareness increased significantly and he was cooperative. Mr. Love developed some insight into what had happened to him, but short-term memory problems were noted. He was decannulated after 22 days.

Upon discharge, Mr. Love was much more verbal and interactive than when he was admitted. He was eating and participating in rehabilitation. His wife was quite pleased with his care when he was discharged to CIR TBI Program. His length of stay was 23 days.